Martin Riley Leadership and Business Development is Warmly Welcomed to thebestof Hastings
9th May 2018
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Martin Riley is a man with a mission, working with SME business owners throughout Sussex in one-to-one sessions or small groups which allow time to reflect, develop and grow.  Their approach is about working closely with business leaders to develop simple but effective plans, then turning them into action, with motivated and engaged teams, through better leadership.
Martin Riley spent his formative years working at Gil Dove & Associates in London, one of the leading organisation for leadership development & training for CEOs and business leaders. 

Their portfolio of clients included Directors at the BBC, Channel Five, Saatchi and Saatchi, Wrigley, and Canon. Martin's individual clients included Director level personnel and Heads of Department with The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Orange and Leading Advertising and Design Agencies.
With a wealth of experience under his belt, Martin is now concentrating his skills and highly developed knowledge to assist SMEs in raising their profile through leadership and business development with a personal passion built on his personal drive and commitment.

Martin offers two core areas of development:

  • Business Coaching - Creating simple but effective plans
  • Leadership Training - Putting plans into action. Working better with people.


Business Coaching

  • Individual sessions, working one-to-one with business owners.
  • Groups, with small leadership teams or the introduction of key persons as appropriate.
  • Teams, with larger groups of management level personnel in groups of 12 to 15 people, usually on the client's premises.

Business coaching at Martin Riley has one main aim: to define and clarify the business strategy, annual priorities, quarterly plans and monthly goals. Coaching programmes can prove invaluable to your business by facilitating progress reviews, and helping you to identify any persistent barriers and obstacles to progress.

The Martin Riley team have used their vast experience and skills to create, design and develop The Business Jet Engine®: a unique business planning tool. Tested over many years and with many businesses this unique tool has been proven to help business owners get the big picture fast and see the business as a system.

The tool enables 
you and your team to rapidly identify top priorities and take immediate action - in the right order and sequence. Meeting on a regular basis to evolve the plan and review progress against actions ensures your business stays on track.

Leadership Training

This aims to develop leadership skills and management potential, including how to influence those around you, and develop confidence in your own leadership ability. Martin offers stand-alone leadership development programmes for teams but typically he weaves leadership training into his business coaching programmes as required, to unblock obstacles and speed up progress.

Developed and tested over 20 years, Martin and his team use their own unique leadership model, The 7 Tasks of Leadership™, which like all of their tools has proved to be the fastest way to help leaders understand and improve their own ability.
Business is a highly intensive process with many SME owners and operators showing strong entrepreneurial skills, having demonstrated their talent in creating their business in the first place. They are exceptional ‘sellers’ of their individual ideas, products and services.
Business Coaching and Leadership Training with Martin Riley will open doors to allowing busy people time to reflect, develop and grow, and provide an immense return on investment over time.
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