Making A Difference
10th May 2018
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People always ask me, why do I work so hard? and how do you keep motivated and interested without losing focus?

To me the answer is simple!

I live every day by three simple words. Making A Difference!

Back when I was 12 years old I was diagnosed with a serious heart condition. A condition that I had carried since I was born and a condition that had been missed by every GP, hospital visit and routine school check. Unfortunately the disease caught up with me and cutting a long story short I was admitted to Guys Hospital, London for open heart surgery with a 20% chance of survival soon after diagnosis.
With the great support of my family I recovered beyond anyone's expectations. All I remember from these times wasn't the pain and the sickness, it was the professional consultants and doctors always giving me a list of things I wouldn't be able to do.

I spent the next few years trying to find myself, going through college, relationships and different avenues trying to find a purpose. I put a ton of pressure on my shoulders trying to make sure my life counted. If I could survive something that most others wouldn’t I needed to make my life count and make the most of being given a 2nd chance.

Finally at the age of 25 I found that purpose. I ended a somewhat dead end relationship which went sour. I sat in my lounge with nothing but a Chinese with my mother, all furniture and any possessions had been taken as part of the separation.

That night I finally realised that the way to be succesful and stand out would be to simply Make A Difference! Stop trying to force change but simply live each day with the purpose of Making A Difference!

From that day I woke up every morning using this affirmation. If I ever feel that I haven't made a positive difference in some way that day I do not go home until I have. In the last five years my career has gone from strength to strength. I have worked alongside some very successful people and have been called upon to give my point of view and feedback on how to improve their businesses.

I haven't been to University but what I do have is a meaning in life. It provides me with the motivation and a great work ethic that very few people can compete with. 
I have learnt how a few simple words can really make you stand out from the rest and how having a purpose in life is so powerful.

I am constantly learning and absorbing information like a sponge then channelling it back into whichever position or company I work for. My influences in life all come from different walks of life from the Richard Branson to Dwayne Johnson to my own Mother. All these people seem to have a similar philosophy and have become successful with it. I have learnt so much from these people and continue to do so.

Every connection I make on LinkedIn or in general has a purpose. That purpose is that I truly feel I can Make A Difference!

My recent challenge is to bring cost effective training, consulting and business support to as many people as possible. I founded The Webinar Company to do what I do best and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

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