Make Mother's Day Special
19th February 2018
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So Valentine’s Day is over for another year but no sooner is it gone than we have another special celebration day when flowers seem to be in high demand (and price!)... Mother's Day. This  year it falls on Sunday 11th March, which is only a few short weeks away.

But what also links these two days with other special occasions are CARDS. I certainly remember as a child at school being made to create a card for Mother’s Day - I can see all that glue, crayons and paint now! I suspect if you search hard enough some of those cards can still be found in many homes and are much treasured.

Of course you could always send a text message or a note via social media, but does it feel the same as a card?! An electronic message (or even an e-card) is transient and simply can't be kept in the same way as something physical like a card, handwritten and given personally. And because it's something most of us do every day, it doesn't carry the same level of "specialness" as a written card.

The average person is estimated to send approximately 55 cards a year so cards are still big business. The print industry has also changed with the times and as consumers we have more choice than ever before. Gone are the days of simple printed cards - you can now choose from cards that are hand finished, on special material/paper and even ones that can be totally personalised.

So this Mother's Day make the day special for your Mum - make sure it's a card you give and not just a text message!

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