Kings Stationers Are The Local Hastings Champions Helping Businesses Kick the Plastic Bag into Touch!
26th March 2018
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Since being launched back in the 1960s the plastic carrier bag has become a feature of everyday life, so much so that you'd be forgiven for wondering how we ever lived without them... but before plastic, there were paper bags, and it seems we might just be heading for a paper revival.

In the past, shoppers would buy their fruit and groceries from their favourite high street shops or market stalls and have them supplied in a paper bag. Now plastic has taken over but has our love affair with plastic finally turned sour?

That's entirely possible as plastic has been getting a bad rap recently - and not without good reason. When Blue Planet II hit our screens in late 2017 our much-loved television naturalist Sir David Attenborough brought the plight of the oceans being over-run with plastic to our screens. As part of the heartbreaking programme, he made a plea for the world community to dispense with plastic – shopping bags in particular - before it's too late for our oceans and their wildlife. We saw albatross parents unwittingly feeding their chicks plastic and mother dolphins potentially exposing their new-born calves to pollutants through their contaminated milk, images that shocked us all. Pictures of marine life dying after becoming inextricably fastened into plastic bags, discarded fishing nets and other plastic detritus as it floats around the oceans are becoming the norm, and the time has come to put an end to it.

In Sir David’s acceptance speech at the recent BAFTAS Ceremony after winning the BAFTA for Planet Earth II, he spoke of his privilege at being able to raise the urgent issue regarding the amount of plastic polluting the World’s oceans, and once again called for change.

Kings Stationers are leading the local initiative to help Hastings replace plastic bags in the High Street with a more sustainable paper alternative that will biodegrade far quicker than any plastic material. Paper is a natural product and can be produced in varying thicknesses for wrapping and for bag manufacture, it's much kinder to the environment and can also be put into the recycling process when no longer required.

Kings Stationers of Hastings can supply from stock a range of paper bags for most uses, they are supplied in a wide range of colours. Customers who wish to have paper bags with their logo and or message printed upon them will find Kings Stationers are happy to oblige, just check with them about printing costs and allow time for delivery. Check out the full details on their packaging options here.

The ‘Block Bottom Carriers’ are an excellent option for a more sturdy paper bag, as they have a reinforced bottom giving them greater strength than a standard carrier bag. They are spacious and strong enough to carry many kinds of purchases from fashion wear to plants, and from gifts to bric-a-brac.

Retailers and suppliers wishing to make a statement about how their business is environmentally aware with an attractive recyclable bag should talk with the friendly people at Kings Stationers, they are here to help.

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