Kids Party Location Mistakes
4th June 2018
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Why my house is perfect for a party

Having a home party is not a good idea and here is why.

Imagine, just for a moment, 30 children are invited to the party (which is about a class size) Now add at least one parent for each child and let’s throw a few baby brothers and sisters in for good measure. Even if some parents do drop and go, before you know it you could have fifty plus people in your home (that’s a lot of kettle boiling!).

Most of our homes in the UK are just not made for large scale entertaining and believe me, 30 energy-filled children is certainly a large-scale event. Children need a clutter-free area to run around and have fun, and our homes are a health and safety nightmare of cables, breakables and unseen hazards.

We are fortunate in the UK to have an abundance of community centres, church halls, scout halls and preschools that rent out their halls and rooms for a nominal fee. The halls meet safety requirements, they have industrial kitchens usually with big tea erns and the toilet facilities are more than enough to meet your requirements.

Community halls are very cost effective and they are ideal for energetic children who want to have a fun party. Believe me, the fee for the hall is a fraction of what you may have to shell out to clean-up of your carpet and curtains after a party.

Having my kid’s party in my garden is easier

Here's a few reasons why your garden isn't that attractive after all:

Stings and bites cause tears. 

Sitting in the sun for two hours is dangerous.

If it rains you have a LOT of rearranging to do. Wind blowing balloons, plates and small children around. Plus we live in the UK where rain is the norm, the weather is changeable and unpredictable. You just have to guess which of the days it won't rain.

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