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16th April 2021
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Bookings are coming in for Summer Events so here is a little reminder that both shows and balloon twisting will be safe & outside with the following measures -

  • Social distancing will be observed for outside events. No inside events as yet
  • There will be NO mouth inflation of balloons. I have balloon pumps and know how to use them!
  • Hands will be sanitised after each family has their balloons created for them
  • During shows the audience will remain at a distance and participation will be from their seats only.
  • These will be reviewed as the restrictions ease or change

If you are still concerned or remaining safe but still want to celebrate I'm continuing to perform virtual shows. These have gone down great, gathering friends and family from a far.

I'm also continuing to create and deliver balloon sculptures - so get in touch and see how I can amaze your guests with personalised balloon art.

To book or enquire go to https://dannytheidiot.com/

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