Investing in Motivational Team Training for Your Business is Money Well Spent
30th October 2017
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It makes sense a team that's well-motivated will be much more positive in their approach and efforts at work, making them a valuable asset to a business.

So, if you're a business owner how best do you motivate your team?

One of the best ways to achieve high motivational standards is to seek professional input from an external source who will inspire both leaders and team members each in their own way.

Shopper Anonymous is the UK’s leading customer feedback organisation. Since 1998, they have specialised in producing the highest quality feedback through their mystery shopping and customer feedback solutions. Not only that, Shopper Anonymous have applied the knowledge and experience gathered to provide highly insightful, hard-hitting, and entertaining motivational team training.

For more than 18 years, Shopper Anonymous has delivered well over 500 training courses dealing with important topics including:

  • Delivering memorable customer service where the customer's buying experience is improved by excellent quality customer service, the end result of which is that they are more likely to return and buy again.
  • Helping customers buy more. Something as simple as offering great advice can increase the end sale value substantially.
  • Handling complaints. Complaints happen, it's part of running a business. But it's how they are handled that makes all the difference. Any complaints should be dealt with sensitively, learnt from and ultimately turned into a positive.
  • How to recruit the right team is essential for all businesses but even more so for smaller organisations where every staff member is a key player.
  • How to manage and motivate your team effectively, so that you get the best from your staff for the benefit of the business and the individuals themselves.
  • Using the phone to create the best possible impression. In many cases speaking on the phone will be the first point of contact with your business. Handled correctly that first call will give the best impression to your customers and prospective customers.

Why Shopper Anonymous?

They will come to your premises to conduct training where they can best assess the interactions between your team and their customers.

They have an exceptional track record with many Blue Chip and professional organisations, calling upon their vast experience and knowledge to offer bespoke training that is designed specifically for your own team.

Shopper Anonymous operate a team of top quality training personnel who can work with your business and over time direct training into specific areas as required.

They also work closely with funding bodies enabling them to access appropriate funding where possible.

Shopper Anonymous are feedback orientated, they love it and listen avidly to everyone that they work with, at all levels. They then provide accurate feedback to the client about how the candidates fared and where improvements can be made based on that input.

Why not call upon Shopper Anonymous for team motivation for your business in Hastings?! 

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