Introducing the Microbiome Kit from Synergy
24th October 2016
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“The groundwork of happiness is good health”- Leigh Hunt

Did you know that only 10% of the cells making up your body contain your unique human DNA? This begs the question; What makes up the rest of our molecular structure? Surprisingly, the other 90% is compiled of varying types of fungi, bacteria and microflora. This 90% of molecular majority has been termed by biologists as being ‘The Human Microbiome’ and needs to be cared for.

There is a huge number of microbes in our gut, 1-2kg to be precise. These microbes, when balanced, create an environment where the ‘good’ bacteria outweighs the harmful. This allows our immune system to accurately detect and flush out the harmful bacteria within our bodies, preventing the development of an illness.

Having a functioning digestive system is crucial for an efficient breakdown and absorption of nutrients and energy from food. If disease causing bacteria or ‘pathogens’ pass through undetected, then this is when we become ill.

As far as the medicine industry has come, sickness is still writhe throughout the world. This indicates that people are not taking enough care of their own ‘microbiomes’ and are thus caving in to their own weakened immune systems.

Put simply, taking care of your gut will strengthen your immune system and thus the body is less susceptible to general, preventable forms illness.

Taking care of your gut couldn’t be simpler with Synergy’s first to market Microbiome kit. The kit has been carefully designed to reset your gut in a 7-day cleanse programme.

The kit will gently change the PH balance of the gut to create an environment that deters harmful microbes.  Once cleansed, the body will begin to flush out the internal endotoxins .  The kit feeds the healthy micro flora, helps repair the gut lining, and supports healthy metabolism.  An improved metabolism and a balanced healthy gut biome helps to sustain the body’s energy levels, and decreases the urge for unhealthy snacking.

This ground-breaking kit from Synergy is unique in its approach to tackling metabolic dysfunction by focusing on the root cause instead of the symptoms. Synergy’s heal and rebalance your MicroBiome Kit is guaranteed to help you maintain an efficient metabolism, bolster the ‘good bacteria’ of your gut, and ultimately assist you in improving and maintaining your long-term health.

To find out more about Synergy’s Microbiome kit, call Helen today on 07545227272

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