Inspired by the performances at the Rio Olympics?
11th August 2016
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Gripped by international sporting heroes performances at the 2016 Olympics

Since the Games began last week, I have found myself mesmerised by the outstanding performances during the course of the first week of the 2016 Olympics in Rio. 

The capacity of humans to train, endure and achieve so much is a real inspiration to us all.

A lot of work and discipline goes into the end result we see on our televisions – encompassing strict training routines, diet and ensuring their bodies have all of the key nutritional ingredients to contribute to producing the best results, with their bodies having everything they need to perform and recover.


Synergy’s relationship with sports

Synergy products have been recognised as beneficial to sports people.  Amongst the beneficiaries of the power of Synergy are the Swiss Cycling IAM Team, who recently completed the Tour De France.

Attending this year’s Paralympics games in Rio will be the sharp shooting Sonja Tobiassen from Norway undertaking air rifle shooting.  Sonja is an advocate of Synergy products.

Synergy products are also a hit with Ultra-marathon athletes, including Synergy customer  Gregoire Chevignard who undertook the punishing Marathon des Sables in 2015 enduring some of the toughest conditions during the 7 day 256km challenge.


Not just for sports people

Synergy products are for everyone looking to improve their nutrition.

For a consultation or more information about the benefits of using Synergy products, contact me on 07545 227272


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