Infinite Gray Polarised Photochromatic lenses
29th January 2019
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In the UK we occasionally get a decent summer of sunshine and warmth, 2018 was a classic and I recall 1975 was similar. This means that 'normal' summers, our traditional 'can't make up its mind' type of summer. regular Transitions or Tinted lenses are fine for outdoor purposes. There is however, increasing demand for polarised lenses that hitherto have been a fixed 'dark' brown or gray - wearers often made the point that these lenses sometimes were too dark for overcast conditions. Now we have 'Infinite Gray', a Polarised Lens that admits 35% in it's lightest form, and 9% in its darkest form, in other words, a photochromatic lens that responds to external conditions. Not to be confused with Drivewear, this lens has performed brilliantly in the Indian sun - and is wearable in restaurants etc - a months trial to determine just how good this is was a great success!

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