Important Eye Health Check for the over 40’s
15th June 2020
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Life may begin at 40 but unfortunately so can faulty eye sight! 

If you have passed your 40th birthday, you may be realising that you can’t read a book or see things up close quite as well as you used to.  

Your arms may be growing longer as you move your book further and further away - just to be able to read it.

If this all sounds familiar, you could be suffering from Presbyopia, a condition that happens as a normal result of ageing but one that requires a consultation with an optometrist. 

What is Presbyopia? 

Presbyopia is basically close up vision loss and it can happen to anyone, this is because it comes about with age as opposed to a visual error. 

Unfortunately as we get older, so do our eyes.  The crystalline lens begins to harden and loses some of the elasticity that once allowed it to go from up-close to far away focal distances.  As a result tasks such as reading a book or text messages on your phone become more and more difficult. 

Will the Symptoms just Appear?

The effects of Presbyopia start gradually.  You may notice that you can’t see fine print and small text first and that you have to turn on brighter lights to see word more clearly. You may also strain your eyes and get headaches on a daily basis.  Driving at night may also become harder. 

Can Presbyopia be Prevented?

Presbyopia is a natural part of the ageing process, just like going grey! 

Whilst the bad news is that it is a degenerative condition (the quality of your up close reading will get worse over time),  the GOOD NEWS is it that it can be corrected through the correct eye wear and this can be done by visiting your local eye health specialist every two years. 

What to do next …

Don’t ignore it!

40 is the age when the crystalline lens in the eye begins to lose flexibility so it is important that you make an appointment today if you haven’t already.

Eyemasters is a Hastings based manufacturing optician owned by Richard Smith, who has over 25 years of experience working within the independent optical market. 

Bring your prescription to Richard who will then discuss with you the various options available to correct the problem.

Whichever option you choose, Presbyopia will change over time so it’s important to have an appointment every two years to make sure your eyes stay healthy.

Call Eyemasters today on 01424 316117.

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