How to beat Blue Monday
21st January 2019
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Well I know it's supposed to be Blue Monday but I can't help but feel fantastic today. 

The day began at 3am when I woke up to the most fantastic Moon shining through the bedroom window. I got up and enjoyed the Super Blood Full Moon Eclipse for about half an hour, bathing in he light and feeling the divine energy that she gives us. I snuggled back into bed for a few more hours sleep and then took my doggies for a beautiful, crisp walk around the woods just as the sun was coming up. I truly am blessed to live where I do with the woods at the bottom of my garden. 

Had the ice scraped from my car by my, ever helpful,  boyfriend and headed off to Pilates. First time this year as a hurt knee has prevented me from going until now. I was a bit apprehensive but Marie, who runs the class took special care of me and adapted some moves for my benefit. Shared Pilates with the lovely Paula  and her husband Martin, another first for the year.......lovely to share these things with good friends.

Felt great after the class and proud that my knee had held up to it. Home now and enjoying a well earned cuppa and a lovey relax watching the birds have a bath in my garden ....sun is still shining and I'm looking forward to a new networking meeting this eve that I'll be going to with my glad she organises me so well...

.......feeling very grateful and happy with today it can't possibly be Blue Monday as I was reminded on the radio as I drove home .

If you're not feeling quite as happy as I am today try a little bit of works wonders...just let your mind wander  and think of just one thing to be thankful for........usually when you do this a few things come up. Apparently it is impossible to feel depression and gratitude at the same time so practising gratitude is a good habit to get into.

It's something I teach my clients and helps lift mood and self esteem and can be tremendously beneficial in tackling anxiety and depression.

We can't always be as lucky as today with the weather. It's dry and sunny so perfect to get out in nature and enjoy the positive effects this has on your mind and body. We practise this on our Mindfulness one is Tues 12th Feb where we will be taking in all that Alexandra Park has to offer and we will be focussing on self care and letting go of the guilt that so often comes with any 'me time'....get in touch if you'd like to find out more 

I wish everyone a joyous day filled with love and things to be grateful for...and many many more x

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