How life coaching can help you overcome a major life change.
20th February 2020
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Have you recently been through a divorce, been made redundantretired or suffered a bereavement?

Or maybe you have experienced a change in your life, such as your children leaving home and you feel like it’s time to plot a new course.

Would you like someone who REALLY listens to you on a confidential, non-judgemental basis?

Would you like to be guided on a new journey where you choose where you want to end up?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then life coaching may be exactly what you need to kick-start your life, guided on your journey by an expert who has helped many others start a new chapter of their life.  Jason will help you to set new goals and challenges based on your own intrinsic values, personality and strengths.

On your new journey you will learn how to define what is really important to you and find out exactly what personality type you are, which will help you to find a job or vocation that best suits you. Not only that, you will discover what jobs other similar-minded people with your personality type find most fulfilling!

Have you ever considered why you didn’t enjoy previous jobs or why you and your former partner didn’t compliment each other? Perhaps they just weren’t compatible with skill set or values. With Jason as your life coach you can avoid making the same mistakes again. Jason has helped numerous people find a new path and improve their life, and he will do the same for you.

Identify your strengths and play to them.

No-one ever got far by playing to their weaknesses but it certainly helps to be aware of them!
If you have recently experienced a life-changing event and are unsure about what your future holds, either in your personal or working life, talk to Jason and he will help you discover your strengths using his tried and tested methods.
You wouldn’t ask a gardener to rewire your home or a hairdresser to perform open-heart surgery would you?
So why would you do the wrong job or have the wrong lifestyle for you or choose an incompatible partner?

With Jason’s guidance you will pinpoint what you excel at and what you feel really passionate about, then you will come up with a plan to help you achieve things you never dared to dream were possible.
By identifying your talents you can hone in on them and start a new career in the right job for you. Maybe you always wanted to be a singer, photographer, pilot or golf instructor.
Perhaps you never had the opportunity to pursue a new career before, or were discouraged from doing so by others who meant well but didn’t understand the importance of you ‘being in your element’. Whatever your aspirations, life coaching will help you realise your dreams and indulge your passion.

The importance of values.

We all have values, but have you ever taken the time to list them?
With Jason’s help you’ll make a list of the values that matter to you; not just your values, but the values that you admire in others and aspire to will help you to understand why you are drawn to some people and struggle to see eye-to-eye with others.
As an experienced Life Coach Jason regularly helps people to move forward in their life by taking an all-round view of what makes them tick and where they would like to be. This holistic approach means that you will find answers to your problems within yourself, just by knowing your values, personality type and strengths and weaknesses or ways you prefer NOT to do things.

The power of being listened to.

Have you ever felt that your friends and family can hear you but they are not really listening?
People who are emotionally involved with you will often struggle to listen; instead they will often rush in with unsolicited suggestions and advice based on their own beliefs, values and opinion of what is best for you. Jason has spent five years studying and training in counselling and psychotherapy and has learned the value of letting people speak freely in a safe environment and truly listening to them without judging or interrupting them.

As a Life Coach he is able to point out to his clients when they may have false or self-limiting beliefs that are holding them back and preventing them from moving forward. If you would like to make a new start in life but don’t really know where to begin, then talking to someone impartial who has finely-honed listening skills can make all the difference in terms of achieving success.
Only from a relaxed standpoint where you don’t feel judged can you really find out what you want to achieve in the next chapter of your life. Maybe you think you’re too old to change jobs or meet someone new, but in Jason’s own experience it’s never too late to start over and really get to know yourself.

A fresh perspective.

Insecure about what the future holds?
Maybe you’re anxious about what to do next…Has life dealt you a bad hand lately and you don’t know where to turn or how to get your life back on track?

If this sounds like you then what is you need is a new approach to your life that will restore your confidence and give you back the tranquillity that you used to enjoy. Just because one door has closed, it doesn’t mean a new, more exciting one, can’t open.
As a Life Coach Jason will help you to move forward with confidence, safe in the knowledge that all the decisions you make going forward will be right for you. He doesn’t tell people what they should do, rather he gives them the tools to find out what is best for them at that particular point in their life. The person who knows you best is you; Jason’s job is to help you recognise and harness your full potential.

With life coaching you firmly are in the driving seat.

You pick the start and end point and Jason will help you to navigate the route.
The great thing about making a fresh start is that you get to choose your point of departure and the destination. Think of the Satnav system in your car, it can only provide you with a route if it knows your start and end point. You know what they say about life: “It’s the journey that counts, not the destination”. Well, this applies to you as you embark on your new journey of self-discovery.

Consider how much happier you could be, not to mention how much more mentally stimulated and eager to jump out of bed in the morning you could be by finding a new direction. If you feel like you are in a rut, life coaching will help get you out of it and expand your horizons to the point where the sky really is the limit!

So take control of your future and start planning where you want to be in 12 months and five years’ time. Together with Jason you’ll map your route and punctuate it with realistic and achievable milestones so that you can track your progress and arrive at your chosen destination, more contented, fulfilled and in control than you have ever been.

So what are you waiting for? Buckle up and brace yourself for the journey of your life. Jason’s ready, are you?

Jason Cornes Life Coach

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