How balloons are made
23rd July 2018
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There are several processes to make a latex balloon. Once at the processing plant this is what happens. 1) The liquid latex is kept in heated tanks and stirred mechanically 2) Balloon forms are heated and dipped into a chemical solution to assist with the even spread of liquid latex and removal later from the balloon form. 3) The forms are then dipped into the latex. The balloon forms might be the round balloons or the skinny balloons for balloon twisting. 4) A lip is created by rolling the latex to form the nozzle for ease of inflation. 5) Then latex covered forms are dipping in a tank of leaching solution, often water, to clean excess coagulant away from the balloons. 6) The latex rubber must now be vulcanised and this is done by heating/ drying the balloons. 7) The balloons can now be removed from the forms. Nowadays most of the processing is automatic 8) Normally water is used to aid the removal stage and so the balloons are then tumble dried to get rid of the water. So the balloons are made. But it’s not quite finished yet!

The balloons maybe be packaged or printed on. If directly bagged, they are counted mechanically and put in a bag and sealed, and boxed. Balloons that are printed upon go through a few steps. They must be inflated and then each side of the balloon is pressed with the required design. This is done manually and with machines to help too. They are then dried and packaged as above.

Lastly in the process is quality control. Balloons are tested to maintain a high level of the product consistency and a whole batch may be rejected if too many poor balloons are found. The ones that pass the test are distributed then sold to me and you!

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