Hastings Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair 2018
3rd October 2018
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On the 28th of September, I was invited to the Hastings Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair and I had a great time. 

Thanks to Events Office for inviting me

I launched my new Interview Package which consists of 3 online sessions to calm your nerves so the real you can show the real you at interviews and my new Interview Performance Blend of essential oils.....they both got lots of interest.

"What people really like about this online package is that it is quick, simple and delivers. As it's online you can do it at any time that suits you. It's 3 sessions that last roughly an hour where we look at ways to combat the nervousness that surrounds the whole interview process. Everybody is different so we delve a bit into what might trigger your particular nerves and use various techniques to successfully notice when those triggers arrive and to let them go. I use a combination of Meditation, Mindfulness and simple breathing techniques to get those nerves under control so you are able to let your true personality shine at your interview and get that job."

If you would like to know more please get in touch calmer.self@gmail.com 

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