Did you dread getting hand me downs when you were a kid?
16th April 2016
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Being the eldest of four boys I never had the privilege of receiving hand me downs. The majority of my clothes were bought off the peg. I'm not talking about expensive stuff. When I was 8, blue jeans, Gymtrack trainers (velcro staps) and a short sleeved blue american football shirt (number 74) was my preferred choice of threads for running around St Helens woods and cycling up and down the seafront on my BMX.

My brothers however regularly received my hand me downs, particularly coats and jeans. Back then all of our stuff came from local clothes shops. No internet back in the Eighties. How on Earth did we get by?

So, if you need some new threads for your kids give the internet a break and get yourself down to Branded in Waldegrade Street. Their clothes have some big ...brands... which makes the whole hand-me-down deal a easier pill to swallow, and are great value for money. Buy Local. Buy Branded!

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