Halloween Sweet Cups for sale!
3rd October 2018
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As the nights draw in, the cool weather and autumnal season commences, it’s nearly Halloween! Whether you have embraced the Halloween culture or not I present something a bit different. Here are some spooktacular sweet cups for sale for your kids, neighbours kids, trick or treaters and anyone else! They come in different designs, the ones pictured are a vampire, a ghost, a pumpkin and the latest in i-monsters! More designs are available so if there is something specific you would like I can create it for you. They come in a cup with various wrapped sweets. If you would like them without sweets, so you just get the cup and balloon design, that is also possible so you can fill the cup with your own candy or something else instead! 

Other ideas for you to think about are monsters, devils, voodoo dolls, zombies, skulls, and I can “Spooky” up any normal balloon animal. So you could have an Halloween evil monkey, or a Bad Unicorn, or an monstrous giraffe, vampire dolphin… and so on! The possibilities are endless.
I’m selling them for £5 each cup and you can pre-order for the end of the month with a date to be agreed upon ordering. I can deliver for free in Hastings, Battle, and Bexhill. I might have to charge a little more for delivery for a little further away.
If you would to order some Halloween sweet cups with incredible balloon art, please contact me at www.DannytheIdiot.com

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