Grade 2 listed Old School House
16th July 2020
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The past couple of weeks we have been privileged to be working on this lovely Grade 2 listed Old School House removing all the incorrectly pointed sand & cement, very painfully & slowly all with hand tools only . (Cutters / mechanical equipment not allowed).We have been asked to complete one side of the building per year as to spread the cost, starting on this west facing elevation.
The sand and cement finish was much to hard which was causing the soft stonework to deteriorate, & so we have now removed most of the sand / cement & starting to repoint under the guidance of the local authority with locally sourced Conservation Lime Putty with added aggregate to match more how the building would have originally looked.
We are approximately half way through the work now so here are a few pictures to show progression. The first picture being the old cement followed by the chiseled out & cleaned out joints and finally with the Lime finish.

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