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7th March 2019
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Climate change is a hot topic.

We hear regularly about how the world is being affected, so many of us are turning to greener ways of living to try and "do our bit". Whether that be using less plastic, recycling more or making better choices when it comes to sustainable products, doing our bit is possible for everyone.

And it's no different within the office environment. We can make choices about supplies and suppliers that are committed to making a difference.

One such example is buying stationery supplies from Kings Stationers in Hastings. Kings prides itself on offering sustainable, greener alternatives to office stationery so that businesses can also be more environmentally friendly on a daily basis.

Woodland Trust Office Paper is just one way you and your office can get on board. Produced to the most demanding environmental standards, every sheet of Woodland Trust Office Paper supports projects that improve biodiversity, enhance social wellbeing and help the UK landscape adapt to climate change. The paper is predominantly made from forest thinnings from sustainable forests and chippings from saw mills. Both pulp and paper are produced on the same site, minimising transportation costs.

It is a high white, totally chlorine free office paper for laser and inkjet printers, photocopiers and fax machines.

There are a number of benefits to the environment if you buy Woodland Trust Paper:

  • Every sheet of Woodland Trust Office Paper sold contributes directly to the work of the Woodland Trust
  • The energy that's required for the paper production is generated from waste material, resulting in zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuels
  • Any excess heat from the paper production is piped to a community heating project, reaching over 3,000 homes and civic buildings throughout the surrounding area.
  • The paper is FSC certified, which means it comes from well-managed forests and/or recycled materials.

And best of all, when you purchase Woodland Trust Office Paper you're not purchasing an inferior product - far from it! The paper is a quality high bulk 75gsm with a 161 CIE whiteness, perfect quality for all office use.

Each pack contains 500 sheets of paper and you can order yours online at the Kings Stationers website here. All you need to do is register and follow the instructions to be able to order your office paper directly. 

And with free local delivery with no minimum order charge, it really does make sense to get not just your Woodland Trust Paper, but all your business stationery supplies from Kings Stationers!

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