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25th November 2016
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Finding a healthy alternative to caffeine

Finding alternatives through supplements can seem like a daunting process as many supplements use a potentially dangerous intensified form of caffeine known as Anhydrous caffeine and are high in sugar.

Although deemed safe, anhydrous caffeine can have detrimental effects on the human body if not taken in moderation. Suppliers of the substance recommend using a gram scale to ensure accurate dosing as when not properly done can lead to a frightening number of health implications including (but not limited to) sleeping disorders, shaking because of impaired motor control, blurred vision and heart palpitations.

Do not fear, there are safer organic alternatives. Two of the safest alternatives are Guarana Seed and Yerba Mate Leaf Extract based supplements.

Guarana is a plant that’s name derives from the Guarani tribe deep in the Amazon rainforest that use the plant to produce an energy boosting beverage to consume before going on long hunts.

This beverage supposedly improved the tribespeople’s endurance so much so that they could go for days without food.  Furthermore, the drink was said to alleviate headaches, muscle cramps, fevers and even regulate bowel movements.

The second alternative, Yerba Mate Leaf Extract, is made from a potent rainforest tree in South America.  This extract is incredibly rich in antioxidants because of its high concentration of polyphenols.  Yerba Mate Leaf Extract contains a staggeringly high number of minerals, 24 to be exact along with 15 amino acids that are complimented by safe levels of naturally occurring caffeine.

This supplement is used to relieve mental and physical fatigue, relieve headaches, treat urinary tract infections and more.

Synergy has combined both ingredients and more to create E9, a healthy energising alternative to coffee and other highly caffeinated beverages. E9 is made up of Guarana, Yerba Mate Leaf Extract as well as B vitamins, Vitamin C, and other herbal extracts. E9 is crammed full of goodness and has absolutely no sugar, perfect for busy individuals that want to sustain healthy physical and mental energy levels throughout the day.

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