Excellent IT Support is a Priceless Asset for Business People
7th February 2018
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In this modern age one thing is for certain: IT is a vital component of the infrastructure of any business. And it's not
just important for business - private individuals rely on IT for their daily communications and more.

Having professional backup for your IT is essential, especially when you consider the impact on your business if you were to lose all your online records and information. Backing up your IT is the key to not losing hours of work.

Whatever the use your IT system for - writing a novel, running a business, storing your photos, keeping your banking records - backing up your material is the only way to ensure that it is secure and safe for the future. Should your PC breakdown or crash having a back up will enable you to restore the information, which can be a lifesaver.

So how do you make sure you're properly backed up?

ClaudeComputing is the answer! ClaudeComputing is a local business, based in Hastings and London, that is dedicated to helping people make sense of the complexities of IT and computing.

Claude has over 17 years’ experience in the IT field and has gained a great reputation in both Hastings and London for his support services and training. Claude runs a community-minded business with a mission to inspire confidence and knowledge in IT and technology. With all his vast experience Claude is perfectly placed to guide those of us who are not totally computer savvy in a friendly and supportive way.

Do you know someone who could do with some help? What better Christmas gift than a help session with Claude where you could have your data backed up at the same time?

Backing up data on a computer can be as simple as hitting the save button on a hard drive, but these do sometimes fail so for SMEs and sole traders you could look to an external storage facility to maximise the security of your information, and Claude is just the person to advise you on how to go about it.

ClaudeComputing  specialises in providing a friendly, patient and jargon-free IT support service taking away the mystery and stress often associated with IT by those of us who don't have the necessary skills and don’t want the hassle.

Claude is happy to support businesses, organisations and home users with the goal of helping you get the best out of your IT.

Fixing your IT problem is just the first step. Enabling you to understand your system and unlock its full potential is when things really get interesting and with some help from Claude and team, you could increase your productivity at the same time by learning the little tricks of the trade. That’s why they don’t just offer a "Break and Fix" solution - ClaudeComputing also provides one to one training and IT development services.

To unlock the potential of your IT system and create an easy to operate backup system, just get in touch with Claude.

To arrange a New Year that is IT stress-free the team will be happy to help. With a whole host of positive feedback ClaudeComputing's satisfied customers are the people who know just how good ClaudeComputing truly is. Why not give Claude a call and check them out for yourself!

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