End of Term, End of Year, and So Came The Time to Celebrate!
16th July 2018
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After a year of hard work for those GCSEs, one of the highlights to mark the end of your school career is attending your prom.

School proms have become big news over recent years in the UK. A school prom is a formal party to celebrate the end of secondary school, although some pupils have been known to have a prom style celebration when they finish primary school!

Prom, which comes from the word promenade, has been popular in the United States for many years, with its origins in college graduations in the late 1800s. By the 1930s proms had become a largely teenage phenomenon to celebrate the end of high school.

Hailing the end of that long drawn out exam period, it's the perfect opportunity for 16 year olds to dress up and enjoy the end of their school career. It can be an all out affair with investments in suits or gowns, makeup, nails and hair pampering for the ladies, and the hiring of stretch limos to arrive at the event in style.

Bexhill Film Company has enjoyed a fabulously busy season with photoshoots for our local prom nights, meaning the highlights of the occasion are captured as lasting memories for the fabulous young people of Hastings, Bexhill, and St Leonards.

Having the professionals on hand to record the moment makes life much easier for you. It means you get each and every fun moment captured in an unposed, natural environment without losing the fun and enjoyment of the party. It's a truly fantastic way to remember the event, so you can take it all in.

Bexhill Film Company is a team of professional photographers and videographers headed by Luke Jones, Director, specialising in creating perfect memories for people who are celebrating a whole host of special occasions including school prom, graduation, weddings, birthdays and family events, and a great deal more.

You could even go one step further and get the whole of your special event recorded on video!

Bexhill Film Company is based in East Sussex but their reputation for excellence has meant they've travelled much further afield too, delivering their outstanding quality work to very happy customers.

Working to the highest standards the team at Bexhill Film Company use all their professionalism to ensure the finest results for each of their customers to ensure everyone receives a service that is unique and exactly captures the moment.

For the team professional photography is all about telling a unique story that is special and personal to the customers to give them the ultimate story without words.

Whatever the occasion, get the Bexhill Film Company on board to take the perfect professional photos for your event.

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