Driving and Visual Deterioration
22nd August 2020
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2000 motorists living in the UK have been asked for their opinions and attitudes towards driving and reduced vision. 70% of those polled confessed that their vision had deteriorated since they passed their test. Of the older cohort - over 55's - 84% admitted to the same reduction in visual capability.  Only 20% of this 2000 thought that driving with poor vision should result in the loss of their licence, however there was lots of support for retesting...as always, get a test every two years, it makes road safety common to us all, as well as being a great health check. 

Until our Government makes it mandatory to get a bi-annual eye test, we are compelled to share the roads with people who shouldn't be behind the wheel. There is obvious support for mandatory testing, further, we should be compelled to carry a spare pair in our cars, as is common in Continental Europe. 

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