Don’t rush to redundancy
6th August 2020
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The Government’s Job Retention Scheme was established in order to protect as many UK jobs as possible.  With this in mind, it is heavily subsidising companies in order to keep employees employed.  As a result, if you need to make redundancies, make sure you have a clear business reason – do not use the fact that an employee has been on Furlough Leave as the reason for selecting someone for redundancy.  Employment tribunals won’t look kindly on those employers who use the current circumstances as an excuse to lay people off. 

A couple of tips to bear in mind:

-        Look carefully at whether you can use the Job Retention Scheme to avoid redundancies

-        As with any redundancy process make sure you consult with staff appropriately

-        Be aware of the potential for discrimination in selecting for redundancy employees who have vulnerability to coronavirus or those with childcare issues.

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