Don't be afraid of being colourful!
13th September 2017
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In October, we'll be attending this Trade Fair in Paris, where we have the opportunity to see an enormous variety of interesting Optical Frames, many of which are simply unavailable here in the UK.

To sell it, you have to stock it, and we carry a lot of the unusual and downright different. We've been asked to source a frame in Purple, real, deep honest Purple - no problem! Since colourful acetate frames are selling so well, we'll be sourcing completely different and invigorating colour combinations and styles... because we like handling them and most of all, our customers love buying them...voila!

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I have been involved in Ophthalmic Optics since 1975, in a variety of Domestic and International roles involving lens manufacturing and the distribution of lens making systems. Tiring of the corporate...

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