Did you have great intentions for 2021?
11th February 2021
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Did you have great intentions for 2021? This was going to be your year, you were going to smash those goals and everything was going to work in your favour. And then Boris announced another blimmin’ lockdown and you thought ‘bugger this’ and all those good intentions and new year’s resolutions went flying out the door as home schooling, working in the same location as the rest of your family and being stuck inside 24/7 really took over! 

If that sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. Most of us have found the start of 2021 challenging and often overwhelming. Adding in anything new took a back seat to just getting through each day.

However, it’s now February and the first signs of spring are poking through even with the recent arrival of some snow. So maybe it’s now time to revisit those new year’s resolutions, the things you wanted to achieve in 2021 and take a long hard look at what your priorities are this year. 

Many of us put ourselves at the bottom of a long list of things that need to get done, especially if we have children, partners, elderly parents, or demanding jobs. Our own needs and self-care get missed or ignored. This often means that our own health and wellbeing is the thing that suffers the most when life is busy.

So how do we get back in the zone? Here’s some tips to get back on track and use this time in lockdown to our advantage:

Talk with your friends and family, about your goals.

Support with any goal is key to its success. Find yourself a partner in crime, an accountability buddy and someone who wants you to succeed. Support each other to make positive changes and work towards your goals.

If weight loss is one of your goals this year, then why not reach out to a 1:1 Diet Consultant. I offer my clients round the clock support and advice and always love a chat. It’s so hard to lose weight on your own, so let’s do it together.

Start your morning right.

Setting your morning up right sets the tone for the rest of the day, making you more likely to stay on track. Create a morning routine that’s going to work for you.

That might be having a glass of water beside your bed so that in the morning you can get that hydration in straight away.

Or you might want to not have your mobile phone in your bedroom so you don’t start your day scrolling on social media.

Consider having a healthy breakfast that makes you feel fantastic and energised for the day ahead. If you’re time pushed, how about making overnight oats that are waiting in the fridge for you each morning? If you’re following The 1:1 Diet we have some fantastic grab and go meal products that give you all the nutrition you need, from cereal bars to iced lattes.


Having a plan always helps you stay focussed and not lose sight of that end goal.

Being on Plan with The 1:1 Diet requires minimal prep work, so it takes the time and stress out of dieting. I work with my slimmers to find out what will work best for them, because no two people are the same. We make a plan together that will be simple to follow and fit in with their lifestyle.

Create a plan for yourself, use your accountability buddy to help you get started if needed, and then start to implement the changes in your day consistently 

Remember why you’ve set that goal.

Whether that’s for a positive mindset, or for your health and future, never forget that reason. Write it down. Put it somewhere you can see it, imagine achieving your goal. How will it feel, what will you do, how will it change your life for the better?

The stronger your reason why, the easier it will be to stay motivated when things get hard. Use positive affirmations to help reinforce the changes you are making. Say each affirmation as if you have achieved your goal already. For example:

  • “I have lost 3 stone and am able to play football with my kids”
  • “I am a successful business owner with an abundant income”

Visualising what it will feel like to reach your goal, makes our brains believe it’s real and we are more likely to make decisions that align with our goals naturally.

Hopefully these handy hints and tips will give you a head-start this month in getting back on track with your 2021 New Year resolutions. If you’d like some support with your weight loss goals, then do get in touch and ask me all your questions, I’m always happy to answer them and offer you some support. Let’s make this lockdown really count in 2021.

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