Combating computer vision syndrome with glasses from Eyemasters.
5th November 2018
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If like many people you are a glasses wearer who  spends a significant part of your day in front of a computer screen, you may find yourself suffering from something called computer vision syndrome. 

This is commonly known as digital eye strain and the simple fact is that it can cause damage to your eyes. As you stare at your screen you blink less, and it's this blinking that helps to maintain eye health. Blinking causes a thin film of tears to form, lubricating the outermost part of the eyes, which helps clear vision. Without regular blinking your vision can become blurry and prickly.

Symptoms of computer vision syndrome can include:

  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry eyes
The length of time you're staring at your computer screen has a direct influence on how severely you may suffer from all or any of these symptoms. Whilst the symptoms will disappear in most people once they've had some time away from the screen, leaving the situation unchecked and ignoring it can lead to permanent vision impairment and damage to the eyes. 

What can you do?

There are some simple steps you can take to minimise the effect of computer vision syndrome:
  • Try to limit your screen time - aim for a maximum of 6 - 8 hours per day at your screen - whether that be computer, smartphone or other device. And try to stick to a  20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes try to have a 20 second break and stare at something at least 20 feet away.
  • Consider investing in blue light blocking lenses - this is a great idea if you know it's unlikely you can limit your screen time. These lenses fit onto your normal glasses frames and block the blue light that your screen emits.
  • Have your eyes tested regularly - the optician will not only be able to assess how well you see, and deal with any prescription changes, but they'll also be able to see the health of your eyes. They can pick up diseases such as glaucoma and they can even see if you're developing diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Have eye drops handy - if your eyes are feeling dry then eye drops can ease any discomfort.
  • Make sure your glasses have an anti-glare coating applied to them - this may seem like an extra cost that isn't necessary but at Eyemasters they believe it's absolutely essential. The anti-glare coating will protect your vision by reducing the glare caused by light hitting the back of the lenses in your eyes. Today's modern anti-reflective coatings can virtually eliminate the reflection of light from glasses lenses which helps to improve your vision and makes your glasses lenses look nearly invisible. This also means that people can see your eyes and facial expressions more clearly.
Richard at Eyemasters in Hastings is highly experienced in providing his clients with the right lenses to meet their daily needs and maximise the health of their eyes and vision.
For expert advice on what will work for you speak to Richard today!
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