Changing your career pathway with Jason Cornes
1st February 2019
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We're one month into the new year, and for many of us, that change of year means focusing on make some changes in our own lives. 

Whether that be a change at home, at work or at play, changing your path can be daunting - but ever so rewarding. 

Looking specifically at your career, how do you know if you need to make a change?

There are a few questions you could ask yourself before you even consider it:

  • Be honest with yourself - does your work make your heart sing or your head ache?
  • Is there a specific challenge to resolve in your working life that you're struggling to deal with?
  • Have you decided to take the plunge and start up your own business or make a complete career change?
  • Do you feel stuck or are you struggling to decide your future study or career path? 
  • Have you been made redundant and you're wondering what to do next?
There are so many reasons why a shake up of your work life seems necessary.
But how do you do it? And where do you start?
Jason Cornes is a business mentor and life coach who has the skills you need to tackle the change and make it work for you. He has some excellent advice to consider before you start the ball rolling...

Don't rush in

Once you've made the decision, you may feel like you want to get straight to it and make some sweeping changes. But Jason suggests taking a more calculated approach and making the changes gradually. If you're planning on changing your career entirely then there may be a number of elements you need to get in place before you can make the change happen.
You may need to study to develop new skills or shadow someone in the role you're aiming for. Bear in mind that depending on the changes you're planning to make, you may need to remain in your existing role for the meantime, so the demands on your time can increase. Make sure you're prepared for these extra demands.

Start believing in yourself

Sometimes the most difficult part of making a change is you! Not having enough faith in yourself or believing you can do it can be your biggest obstacle. 
This is a particular area where Jason Cornes can support you. Jason has been through the exact process himself, deciding to re-train 12 years ago. He felt the desire to embark on a new career direction that would call upon his natural skills and strengths, qualifications, training and interests. He had the courage he needed to make the change happen - and you can too.

It won't happen overnight

Changing your career pathway will take a little time. Ideally getting all your ducks in a row, being as prepared as you possibly can be for what's ahead will take away much of the uncertainty and help make you feel more positive about the change.

You'll need several months of coaching sessions, exploration, agreed tasks and homework such as online research, tests and exercises to become more ready. Focusing on what's important to you, what your passion is, what you're good at and what energises you helps you decide what path you'd like to take.

It's a good idea to ask other people questions too, so that you feel mentally and emotionally ready to take the next step. And try networking with people that are in the career you're looking to head into. They'll be able to give you a real take on what their working world is like, so you're much more able to make an informed decision.

Take care of you

It's easy to get bogged down with working tirelessly to make things happen. Slow down! Take time out for yourself so you can regularly re-evaluate why you're doing it. We hear so much about work / life balance in the stressful modern world, and making time for yourself will not only be better for your health but may mean you come up with more ideas and solutions too.

Be open to change

Having a clear direction is brilliant - but don't let it make you stubborn when anything that's unexpected comes your way. Not everything we do follows a logical path. You may meet someone that completely changes your mind or have a eureka moment that opens up a whole new world. Go with it and be open to it.

Making the decision to change your career pathway can be challenging and at times uncomfortable, but can be the most rewarding step you take in life. Jason Cornes has navigated this process himself and has in turn guided his clients through the journey. He knows how it feels. 

With his help and a little faith and persistence the answer that's right for you will emerge. There is no feeling like it when it does.

Give Jason a call today on 07842 339639 - it could be the best call you ever make.
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