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3rd July 2019
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It's something most of us have to pay as part of earning an income. Sometimes questions arise as to how much, when and by what method you should be registered to pay tax, so Ashdown Hurrey accountants have answered some of the most common questions in this handy guide:

Are your details up to date?

If you get married, form a civil partnership or indeed if you get divorced, separate or stop livng with your partner, have you told HMRC?

You may wonder why that would be necessary but it could mean you're paying too much or too little tax so the best advice is to inform them as soon as possible. 

This also applies if you receive tax credits or Child Benefit.

And don't forget to tell them as soon as you move home too!

Self-Assessment payment time is here again!

If you're registered to make payments on account as part of your self-assessment tax return, then be aware that 31 July 2019 is the deadline for the second instalment for your 2018-19 tax return. The amount due for payment is usually the same as the first payment on account made on 31 January 2019.

Don't risk a fine - pay on time!

Taking it back to basics... do you need to register for self assessment?

Sometimes knowing exactly what's required to be compliant with HMRC can seem like a minefield... so Ashdown Hurrey accountants are on hand to make things simpler and explain all!

But how do you know if you need to file a self assessment tax return at all? And what's required if you do?

Ashdown Hurrey have gone back to basics and written a blog about when you need to register for self assessment. Take a look it it here!

What to do if you have a complaint against HMRC?

If you're a taxpayer and the situation arises where you need to make a complaint to HMRC - whether it's related to mistakes, unreasonable delays or even poor treatment by HMRC’s staff - there is a specific process you should follow that is entirely separate to the process where you disagree with one of HMRC's decision, in which case the review and appeals process should be followed.

For everything other than disagreeing with a decision by HMRC, there is a formal two-tier complaints process. 

Tier 1: this is the first stage of attempting to resolve a complaint. You should write or speak to the person or office you have been dealing with as your first port of call. HMRC aims to resolve most complaints at this first stage.

Tier 2: If you feel that the outcome is still unsatisfactory, you can then request for the complaint to be looked at by an alternative complaints handler who will consider the complaint and then provide a final response. This forms HMRC’s second and final review.

If you're still not satisfied with the result then the next course of action is to ask the Independent Adjudicator who is completely independent of the HMRC to look into the matter. If they are unhappy with the Independent Adjudicator’s decision it is possible to contact the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman via their MP.

So there you have it!

Peace of mind that if you feel things are not up to scratch, there is a course of action you can take to put them right.

Dates for your diary

There are some important dates coming up over the next couple of months that you should be aware of, particularly if you're away for a portion of  the summer holidays and need to ensure action is taken before you head off:

19 July 2019 - Class 1A NICsPAYE and NIC deductions due for the month ended 5 July 2019 (if you pay these electronically then this must be by the must be paid 22 July 2019).

19 July 2019 - this is also the filing deadline for the CIS300 monthly return for the month ended 5 July 2019. 

19 July 2019 - CIS tax deducted for the month ended 5 July 2019 is payable by this date.

1 August 2019 - Corporation Tax due for the year ended 31 October 2018.

19 August 2019 - Class 1A NICsPAYE and NIC deductions due for month 5 August 2019. (if you pay these electronically then this must be by the 22 August 2019)

19 August 2019 - Filing deadline for the CIS300 monthly return for the month ended 5 August 2019. 

19 August 2019 - CIS tax deducted for the month ended 5 August 2019 is payable by today.

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