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2nd October 2017
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Now that we're all back to school, college or university after the Summer break we all know what's coming next...Winter is on its way! With it comes those darker evenings, cold weather, all in the midst of those gruelling study schedules too. It's a time during which your body can be much more susceptible to colds and illness so it's more important that ever to maintain a healthy system to boost your immunity against illnesses and keep you going through the winter months.

Prosper with Synergy has a fantastic product that will tick all those boxes for you... but first, what exactly is Prosper with Syngergy?!

Synergy is a worldwide scientifically proven nutri-science business who are at the forefront of providing nutritional products that can really make a difference to your health and the way you live your life. I am Helen Prosper, your local specialist Synergy Worldwide adviser and distributor in Hastings, and I'm on hand to share with you all the information you need about Mistify, one of Synergy's most popular products.

Mistify contains the Brazilian Acai Berry as well as other fruit and berry extracts. Its high concentration of anti-oxidants gives it anti-inflammatory properties, and it has been proven to slow down the ageing process. 30ml of Mistify provides in one dose the equivalent amount of antioxidant protection as over 7lbs weight of fruit... That's a lot of apples!

The main ingredient - over half - of Mistify is Brazilian Acai Berry. This berry has the highest recorded level of protection value against free radicals of any fruit, plus it contains eighteen acids and essential fatty acids, which means it's jam packed full of goodness.

Other ingredients include:

Elderberry, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Green Tea, Goji Berry, Raspberry, Grape Seed extract and Cranberry.

Mistify antioxidant supplement includes:

  • Protection from free radical damage, and will reduce existing free radicals by 43% in only three weeks.
  • Supports the immune system, helping keep under-pressure youngsters healthy and free from inflammatory ailments.
  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory helping general wellbeing.
  • A natural pain suppressor, taking away the aches and pains of sporting and general activity.
  • Protects the cellular membrane and DNA allowing the body's repair mechanisms to function better.
  • Supports cardio and digestive tract health.

At Prosper with Synergy I welcome local people throughout the East Sussex area including Hastings and St Leonards, plus Eastbourne, Brighton, Lewes, and beyond who wish to maintain excellent health during the Autumn and Winter seasons, and I'm happy to advise you on how best to achieve your optimum health and wellbeing during these colder months.

People wishing to know more about Mistify or Synergy in general should contact me at Prosper with Synergy on 07545 227272.

Prosper with Synergy is highly recommended by thebestof Hastings, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

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