Black Friday - November 25th 2016
9th November 2016
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Originally, it was the Day following Thanks Giving in the US, and has taken root here in the UK. It is the day when the shops open early and stay open late, and bargains and fights abound. However, Black Friday was created not to celebrate Christmastide but to concentrate minds of Americans on Christmas trading.

Here in Hastings we have many very high quality local businesses who offer great bargains year in and year out.

The Retail sector offers everything from small corner shops that are open all hours and seem to sell everything that anybody could need, to larger shops, stores, and supermarkets. Because competition is strong in the high street many local retailers will offer a great deal more variety at sensible prices. When buying anything from food to motorcars the ability to deal with the shopkeeper is important, people like to buy from people in person. People who like buying fresh produce from local high street shops will often get the freshest produce at the best prices, and they will not quibble if someone only wants a small amount.

Collectively local businesses employ far more people than the bigger firms, people who then support the local economy. Keeping local people in work makes good sense.

Service sector companies offer the same service as anyone else, a solicitor in Town is as professional as one many miles away, a plumber in Hastings, an Accountant, IT Professional etc., does the same things but being local they do understand local conditions and they know their way around town.

Local providers over the years have suffered greatly through the pressure applied by the mega corporations and multi nationals, many have disappeared. However, those that have survived have become more efficient, more adaptable, more professional and are much quicker to diversify. Buying local means that one is dealing with a local person, an identifiable person who represents the seller unlike the faceless organisations who tend to treat retailing as a production line in which customers and staff alike are part of a numbers game. With local suppliers one can seek redress face to face if things are not as they should be, because the local dealer values your business. When a person’s name is over the shop door, it tends to make them keener to care for customers properly.

Profits from local businesses tend to remain in Hastings; many of the ‘major’ retailers run their finances overseas to reduce their liabilities and increase profits.

Go Green Not Black, the carbon foot print of locally sourced produce is less by far than that of a mighty corporation that flies out of season produce half way around the world. Buying local means that the supply chain is shorter and the impact on the environment is less damaging.

The Best of Hastings strongly supports Buy Local, in support of the best of local businesses and of the community.

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