Behind the Scenes with Danny the Idiot
21st May 2018
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Here is a little look behind the scenes at Danny The Idiot, this week will be looking like this;

Monday  Lunch time networking in Eastbourne, back to the office to meet with Cale Sinfield of Social Bee Social Media for some 1-2-1 training, replying to a client for an interesting project! Writing this blog and setting up the social media for the week.

Tuesday I try to give as much of Tuesdays to develop new routines, practice and play. So I will be working with my new puppet, and working out some new routines I want to try out at my next suitable events. I will also be preparing for a photo shoot next month with the puppet, gathering ideas for images.

Wednesday Admin day, but first I have to go to the osteopath to ensure I’m fit enough for shows, balloon twisting and life! Watch videos and make notes ready to direct via Skype in the early evening to my client in the USA. Make balloon for tomorrow.

Thursday Early morning networking meeting with the Hastings Chamber of Commerce. Must remember to take the balloon along! Return to the office via Kings Stationers to pick up some things I need. Continue with admin, and look at my website that needs updating. Make balloons for tomorrow.

Friday Early morning meeting with 4Networking. Return to the office to prepare for final meeting with client in the USA by watching videos and summerising journey of their show development. Skype video meeting. Prepare balloon bag for weekend and prepare for adventures next week!

I hope this gives you a little insight into behind the scenes at Danny the Idiot. Every week is different and I just love my job and the variety of people and places I see.

If you would like to know more about what I do for all kinds of events, please contact me at 

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