31st March 2021
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So many people wait until the sun is high in the sky before thinking of sunglasses, which is rather missing the point. Low winter sun can be trying, especially in the car on a wet road, but there are many circumstances where sunglass technologies can make like much more comfortable for us. Often, there is simply too much light.


It depends on where and when sunlight really affects you when sunlight is too bright to be comfortable. There are 4 principal lens technologies to consider -

1. A FIXED TINT. This lens can be made as dark as 5% transmission, can be ‘graduated’ ( dark at the top getting lighter towards the bottom) and is available in almost any colour you care to choose. BUT…it does what it says on the tin, it’s fixed. If the sun goes in, off they come, so really all they do is darken daylight.

2. TRANSITIONS. This lens reacts to ambient light and is ideal for ‘outdoors’ types, walking the cliffs, spending a lot of time in the garden, it’s fine. BUT, it’s inefficient behind your car windscreen, which is where many of us require protection. Available in several colours, it will go almost clear indoors and is therefore popular as a combination of regular indoor and outdoors lens. 

3. DRIVEWEAR. This lens is Polarised, Photochromatic and ‘works’ behind a car windscreen. For those who drive a great deal, this lens is for you. It reacts to ambient light and is great for contrast sensitivity. It is wearable in all weather conditions, making it an ideal driving lens. Many customers report increased comfort wearing it for night driving, but it should be understood this isn’t what the lens was designed to do. Those with some form of eye pathology can often benefit from wearing this lens. It does not go clear, which makes it a second pair.

4. INFINITE GRAY. This lens is Polarised and Photochromatic, with great contrast. For those who spend time near or on the water, this lens is very beneficial. Again, it will always carry a residual tint, so as with Drivewear it’s a second pair. The great advantage with this lens is that it is wearable when you go indoors, cafe, shop etc, you do not need to remove your sunglasses to see properly. 

If you need any help or wish to discuss these lens types, don’t hesitate to call 
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