Beat the Winter lurgy with Synergy Mistify
7th December 2016
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De-mystifying Synergy’s Mistify Antioxidant Suppliment

It is that time of year again, temperatures are dropping and layers are doubling. Many of us associate this time of year with colds and other small, but still inconvenient illnesses, but a simple change in nutrient intake can change this.

How can antioxidants help your body heal?

Antioxidants have been described as the Achilles heel of cold and flu due to the powerful nutrients that they provide to protect your body from free radicals and further damage from oxygenation.

It is the damage from free radicals that hinders the repair of cells and therefore allows for biological tissue to break down, weakening the overall immune system and making us more susceptible to illness.

What makes up Mistify?

Synergy has created the ultimate antioxidant supplement; Mistify. 30ml of Mistify provides the same amount of antioxidant protection that the body would obtain from consuming 3.5kg of fruit. 

Mistify has proven to reduce free radical damage in the body by a staggering 43% in only three weeks. This, in addition to bolstering the natural immune system, also significantly reduces the aging process of the skin.

Mistify assists the body in being a natural anti-inflammatory, pain suppressant and even protects the cellular membrane and DNA that encourages healthy cell regeneration whilst simultaneously eliminating damaged cells. This reduces the amount of time it takes for our body to heal meaning that we can get back into our usual routine in no time.

Optimising Mistify

For optimum performance, Mistify is best taken in 2 tablespoon (30ml) doses at two intervals a day on an empty stomach. This can be altered if you begin to feel the onset of a cold or flu and want to bolster your immune system in preparation.

Mistify can be taken alongside other Synergy supplements as well and works particularly well in congruence with Pro Argi 9. Pro Argi 9 assists the human body with the oxygenation process which can initially overwhelm our systems and leave us feeling poorly, Mistify assists in neutralising this process and helps the body to recover faster. 

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