Balloons are not just for Kids!
30th April 2019
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The first thing people ask when I mention that I’m a balloon entertainer is “Do you do kid’s parties?” Yes, yes I do. And then I explain that I can also create balloon art for adults too. Kids love balloons, and the great thing about balloons is they seem to reduce grown-ups to a child-like frame of mind too. The shapes, colours and temporary nature of these natural latex rubber objects bring smiles to faces of all sizes.

I’m now a regular at Bannatynes Hotel, Hastings creating balloons for adult events in the evenings. For example I performed at the Club night where 80/90’s music was playing all night and I made possibly about 70 or 80 balloons for adults. They were all wearable balloon art, mainly on headbands or on the wrist. Because of the theme (Disco, 80’s etc) I brought neon balloons and to put inside the balloons too – you can see illustrated in the photo.

Last year I created balloon art at a wedding – here is the blog where I wrote about it!  Of course I made balloons for a few children that were still there, but then as the evening wore on adults were asking what could I make them? I gave suggestions, or they asked for specific things and were delighted.

The great thing about balloons wearables is they make fabulous photos to remember the event by. And so they are a great addition to social media posts for letting people know what a wonderful event you attended.

If you would like to book me for your event adults or kids to create amazing balloons contact me here

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