Autumn is the perfect time to begin a meditation practice
30th October 2018
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Every Monday evening we enjoy a group Meditation where we experiment with different ways of meditation so you can find the perfect practice for you.

We begin with some gentle stretching to release the stresses of the day and then we get comfy and cosy to begin our meditation. Most people lie down on a yoga mat with cushions to maybe a blanket to help you ease into relaxation. You can, however, sit on a chair if you prefer. I will then guide you through a meditation giving you the chance to clear your busy head and practice Mindfulness when your mind wanders it always does. This enables you to experience some deep and peaceful moments of calm.

As we are in the beautiful season of Autumn we are connecting with the wisdom of the trees and using their strengths and power to let go of things we no longer need. We are using delightful visualisation to focus on leaves falling from the trees which is a lovely way to let go of things and feel true release.

People who attend these groups say that they really love the atmosphere at The Tilekiln with the dimmed lights, warmth and cosiness we enjoy. They are learning different techniques that they are able to use in their busy day to day lives to cope with stress and anxiety and they leave after the hour feeling relaxed and peaceful.

If you've struggled with trying to meditate in the past come and join us for a trial session. You'll be surprised how easy it can Nadine 07856 169186

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