Are You Struggling to Get Rid of Unwanted Documents? Is GDPR Creating a Headache?
18th July 2018
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Since GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force on the 25th May of this year, the need for more pro-active management of documentation and the requirement for secure certificated document disposal is more important than ever when it comes to sensitive information. So too is the need for due diligence in record keeping i.e. a certification of disposal. And keeping hold of those disposal certificates is paramount.

Whatever you do for your business, the fact remains that pretty much every business out there produces confidential waste of some kind, containing sensitive or personal information which needs to be kept secure. This can be as simple as quotes, invoices and purchase orders, most of which have names and email addresses on them - so these all needed to be securely disposed of. 

Conventional domestic and smaller commercial shredders are good enough if you're disposing of a small amount of material at home, but what if your business produces more than that? And what too if you need to provide proof that the information has been adequately disposed of?

Kings Stationers of Hastings understand that how records are disposed of at the end of their valid life is equally as important as how securely they were maintained during their useful life.

When Kings Stationery disposes of records and documents in their care, they are securely shredded, mixed with other material and recycled. There is absolutely no prospect of any reassembly of documents. Kings Stationery will properly certificate the process for your records as per any GDPR requirements.

For a simple and cost-effective secure disposal service for your office paper waste, Kings Stationers is the place to go! It really couldn't be simpler - they will provide you with waste sacks and barcoded sealing ties. Simply fill and secure each sack and schedule a collection with Kings. They will then collect your waste sacks and transport them to the recycling centre where they will be securely shredded.

Get hassle free peace of mind by turning to a local, highly respected, local business service. It's the perfect opportunity to get the issue of confidential waste disposal sorted in a thoroughly cost-efficient way.

Kings Stationers have been a part of the local business community for well over 100 years. Their reputation for excellent products and services and fine customer service is as strong as ever. Customers are always welcome to call in. Prepare to be amazed at the range of products on display! 

Can’t see what you want? Ask a team member they will be happy to help.

From their retail shop in Park Avenue, Hastings, Kings Stationers offer an extensive range of general stationery supplies including paper, pens, inkjet cartridges and filing accessories, plus artists supplies.

It's your one stop stationery shop!

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