Are you making the MOST of Your Social Media Platforms?
20th April 2017
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97% of companies worldwide use social media marketing and many believe that social media marketing is just as valuable as paid for advertising, but without the hefty costs. Using Social Media in business is all about reaching many people in a cost-efficient manner, but how do we make the most of them in your business? Which platform should you use, what should you post and how often? These are all questions we receive on a regular basis from our business members, so in this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step overview of the actions that will MOST help you to build successful social media channels for your business.

M – Market Research

Before you can implement any social media marketing plan or strategy, you need to create a marketing plan and a plan always starts with research.

Ask yourself:

•             Who are my target audience and competitors?

•             How are they using social media?

•             Which social media platform can you find them on?

•             How are they interacting or communicating with others?

•             What are the best ways to catch your audience’s attention and engage them?

O – Objectives

After you’ve gathered sufficient information about your target market and about your competitors, you can decide on your own objectives.

Your objectives could be:

•             Growing your reach by X% within X months

•             Increasing website traffic by X% within X months

•             Increasing online sales revenue by X% by X

•             Increasing lead generation by X% per month by X

•             Reducing customer acquisition costs by X% before X

•             Generate X number of new customers by X

Always set yourself objectives that are measurable and time specific, otherwise you can’t measure whether you have achieved your own objectives.

S – Strategy

Once you have decided who you want to reach (your market) and what you are trying to achieve (your objectives). It is important to create a tactical plan of action.

Decide how often you will need to post and how you will ensure consistency of the execution of your strategy. There is nothing more deadly for social media marketing than inconsistent content.

To ensure you can implement your strategy we recommend you schedule all your posts, using Facebook’s internal scheduling tool or another tool like Hootsuite for another platform. We also recommend you block out a set time each week to do this, so it is done for the week and you can move onto other aspects of your business.

Your strategy must also include a clear break down of content for your posts and we recommend you use the rule of thirds. This rule states that you should post roughly 3 times per day to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you are doing.

T – Tactics

Tactics are specific actions, steps or decisions that you can use to achieve your chosen objectives and they form part of your strategy.

For example, if your objective is to ‘increase online sales revenue’ then tactics to include may be:

•             Grow your following on social media via organic and boosted posts

•             Drive traffic from social media to your website, for example via a blog or occasional offers

•             Capture contact details on website / blog to send offers

Ensure your tactics help you achieve your objectives, but equally ensure they are geared towards engaging your audience. Your posts should never be purely about selling, even if your objective ultimately is to increase sales. They are called social media for a reason and people want to engage with a brand and relate to it, not be sold to.

Used effectively and with a solid strategy in place, social media can be a powerful tool in your business, so follow these steps and make the MOST of your social media channels!

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