Are you a Puker
13th November 2019
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I make no apologies for the unsavoury choice of wording in the subject line for this weeks Top Tip, because it’s something that every business owner across Hastings does at some point when talking to potential future customers.

It can happen in both written form when you’re creating content for a website, a flyer or maybe a sales letter and it can happen when you’re face-to-face, or on the phone delivering a presentation or pitch of your business and its products or services.

The temptation can be to, what we call, “puke” over the customer.

You want to give them everything.

Every little bit of information.

Every possible feature.

Explain every single benefit.

You think it’s important they understand every detail about what you’re offering, right?


The reality is that when you’re making people move towards making a decision, very rarely do you need to give them everything in order for them to make that decision.

What you actually need, is the one or two (or occasionally three), most important things from the customers perspective.

So our tip is to urge you to think about what you are selling to your potential customers. Are you a “puker” or are you someone who is:

More selective.

Much more sophisticated

And as a result, much more effective at moving potential customers into real paying customers. That’s because they’re not confused, they’re not overwhelmed, they’re not bombarded because they understand that you understand them and the product and service that you’ve got for them is a perfect fit.

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