7 ways to keep up with your bookkeeping
20th March 2019
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When I meet new clients I can almost guarantee that they have not been keeping on top of things and their business is now becoming busier and busier and the stress of doing the books is just getting too much.

So I thought I would share 7 things to help you manage your books more effectively:

1. STOP Procrastinating: Easier said than done I hear you say, but actually if you stop procrastinating and organise your books in a more structured fashion, it would be much easier for you to manage.

2. GET Organised: It’s easier to be more organised than you think, file your receipts away into an order. Make this a priority. Can you spare just 30 minutes a week to put your receipts in date order? Can you implement a new system for organising your receipts and invoices? even during busy periods. Of course, this may be different to each business owner and their bookkeeping needs but here is a start.

3. Simplify your data entry – Add receipts to a spreadsheet once a week if that is overwhelming can you do 15 minutes a day?

4. Implement accounts software: Implementing software that can help you recover the majority of your time by matching invoices, reconciling your bank account and allocating expenses to the correct account may be the one thing to assist you with moving forward.

5. Learn: Can you spare some time to complete an online training course to help you manage your accounts?

6. Manage Your Time: If you manage yourself, you will have more time to get tasks complete. Your bookkeeping is vital for your business. Just one missed receipt or invoice and you could be putting your business in a risky position.

7. If all else fails OUTSOURCE: Outsourcing your bookkeeping needs does not mean you lose control of your business, in fact, it means the opposite. It means you will now be able to see how well your business is doing and also manage your cash flow more effectively.

If the above has helped you in any way please do let me know as I need your feedback to help me provide you with the content you need…

Thank you for reading.

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