5/5 ain't bad... in fact, when it comes to reviews, it's excellent! And that's what Eyemasters have!
13th February 2020
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Yes, it's high praise indeed for Richard at Eyemasters!

Eyemasters have over 145 reviews here on thebestof Hastings and they all speak volumes about how highly regarded Richard is within our community. Richard embraces the opportunity to be able to give his customers the personal touch - delivering above and beyond what your average manufacturing optician does. 

Just some of the ways Richard has helped his customers, leading them to leave such positive reviews are:

Do you struggle with night driving? Richard can recommend the right style of glasses that will mean you can see more clearly at night and aren't blinded by oncoming traffic. 

Are your needs more complex? You may be someone that struggles with a less straightforward prescription such as having astigmatism plus long and short distance issues. You'll get the right advice regarding multi-focal lenses that will mean you can see much more clearly.

Would you like to increase the longevity of your glasses? What we mean here is making sure they remain in excellent condition for longer. Richard doesn't leave this to chance - he runs through a masterclass in caring for your new glasses before you leave so that you know just how to take care of them.

Looking for light-adaptive lenses? These lenses are perfect if you are moving from indoors to outdoors and don't want to have to change from normal glasses to sunglasses. The lenses adapt to the amount of sunlight which means there's no need for 2 separate pairs (and you're less likely to lose one!) and it's very convenient. Richard is happy to talk through all your options so you get what's right for you.

You'd like to be able to wear specialist glasses for sport? Standard glasses sometimes don't work particularly well when you're playing sport. Richard has supported cyclists and other athletes in selecting the right kind of glasses for use while you're enjoying your chosen activity.

Struggling to fit in an appointment during normal working hours? You're not alone - and Richard understands that! He's happy to fit you in at a time outside of the usual 9am-5pm so that you can get what you need.

Have you been diagnosed with AMD? This is age-related macular degeneration and Richard has talked about this specifically in a previous blog. It means that you may struggle with driving and blurred vision. Richard will help you deal with this by helping you find the right kind of glasses that support the condition.

Looking to express yourself? There's no such thing as "bog standard" when it comes to the range at Eyemasters - although if that's what you're after then of course it's available too! Some people choose to use their glasses as a way of expressing themselves and showing their personality. Richard loves nothing more than helping you find your perfect pair which fit your brief and leave you feeling fabulous.

Don't want to just be another customer? There's nothing worse than feeling like you're just a number. Richard takes the time to ensure that his customers never feel this way. He'll offer frank, supportive advice to help you with your glasses choice, ensure they are fitted properly and inform you of the best way to look after them. There's a good reason why Richard is often referred to as the "Glasses Guru"! 

These are just some of the reasons why choosing Eyemasters in Hastings is always the right choice - we just know you won't be disappointed!

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