Top Tip Tuesday #47 – Facebook Ad Size
21st September 2020
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Top Tip Tuesday #47 – Facebook Ad Size

📅 A couple of weeks back we gave you an insight into how to make your Facebook Ads stand out with the type of image🖼️, colour🌈 and wording ✍️

This week we’re expanding on that to make sure you don’t lose out on a tactic that will make your ad hard to miss.

It's a really simple trick that will increase your conversion rates, engagement and return on ad spend with virtually zero additional work by you... sound good? 😃

 Here it is....... 

Instead of using the conventional rectangular (1200 x 628px) size images on your Facebook Ads... 

...use square ones! (1080 x 1080) 🟩

Yep - that's it. 👍

Here's why it works: 

Facebook is a real estate game. You're bidding for spots on your prospects’ newsfeed.  

🗝️Now here's the key - Facebook doesn't care how BIG the spot on that newsfeed is - and square images take up much more room. 

📱 The traditional size only takes up about a third of the screen (as most people look at Facebook on their phones now). However, a square image fills the entire phone! 📱

The square ad image is going to help you get noticed by a lot more people, removes distractions from your viewer and gets you more 'bang for your Facebook Ad buck!'. 🤑 

So with your next Facebook Ad why not swap out the old rectangle for a square - you'll be amazed at what it can do! 😲

And if you need some help or direction with Facebook Ads and how to make them work for your business, just give us a call. ☎️

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