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Insurance in Eastbourne
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A plea from a local Eastbourne Mum that resorted to Twitter in an attempt to be heard. Are you an investor that is now listening?
The Curzon cinema may have to change in order to survive. Adrian Smith offers some helpful suggestions.
Support Your Local Cinema!
Support Your Local Cinema!
The Curzon needs our help to bring back the glory days, or at least just a glimmer of what used to be....
A timely reminder that disasters happen. Remember Remember the 5th of November. Fire Works are fun but can be very dangerous. be safe in Eastbourne and anywhere else you have happen to be come Fireworks night in Sussex.
A reminder of a great day for all. Come along and learn just what the front line services do for us.
"CURTAIN TWITCHERS??" NO WAY!! NOT ANYMORE!!! Welcome to 21st Century Neighbourhood Watch
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