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Act now, implement GDPR in your business
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Are you buying a new home in Eastbourne? Don't get a shock when checking the electrics get a professional in or at the very least take note of this advice.
Are you one of the businesses contributing to the new language of tech? Cooden Tax Consulting looks at this in more detail.
Is your business in the technology industry? Cooden Tax Consulting are talking about the fundamentals of FinTech.
When it comes to shredding documents we all would rather be doing something more productive. Speak with Shredded Neat about how cost effective it is to have them shred it for you!
When it comes to shredding documents and data sometimes having it taken away is a risk. That is why Shredded Neat comes to you when needed.
Sussex businesses of all sizes now have a low cost, environmentally friendly route to kitting out their offices across the county.
What does your social media presence say about your business in Eastbourne or even the wider East Sussex?
Ever wondered whether its worthwhile having someone come to your business to destroy all your old confidential records? well, it's easier than you probably think and for the next 3 months we are offering a 33% discount on our standard hourly rate
When it comes to making a claim what can you include when it comes to Reseach and Development Tex Relief?
Does your business carry our research and development? Cooden Consulting can help you find out how much you could be claiming.
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