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A very pleased tead of IT workers in Eastbourne thanks ot the wonderful customers that helped Southern IT Networks win the title Eastbourne Business of the Year 2019.
Here is some insights from Southern IT Networks to help you choose the right Office 365 plan for your business.
When it comes to file sharing have you considered One Drive? Southern IT Networks explains the benefits of this tool for your business.
With devices getting smarter the need for typing skills are reducing, after all most of us can talk faster than we can type...
When on social media we often share very openly content that should not be made public. Remember, when you share online there will be a history that others can put together...
When surfing the world wide web do you know the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? Southern IT Networks explains further.
When it comes to choosing your password are you putting enough thought into the process? Do you change it on a regular basis to ensure ongoing safety?
When it comes to these do you know the difference? Would you even know about them if Cyber Security was not being talked about so much these days?
We all get frustrated about remembering passwords but before we give up and make them simple think about your front door at home. Would you make that easy to open? The Dark Web has lots of date about things you would not even think twice about...
When it comes to closing the stable door after the horse has bolted you really want to ensure your cyber security keeps you safe from attacks as there may not be a stable left if they get in...
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