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Welcome to thebestof Eastbourne – Your Trusted Local Guide and a Champion for the Community's Heartbeat

Here, we don't just list businesses; we weave the fabric of our local story, highlighting the exceptional services, craftsmanship, and commerce that make Eastbourne a thriving hub.

Eastbourne's Business Champion

I'm David Ruddle. Alongside a dedicated team, we're committed to not just showcasing, but nurturing every business that calls Eastbourne home. We champion the power of local – the unique touch of personal service, the quality of bespoke products, and the value of community connections.

Each business we partner with becomes a part of Eastbourne's vibrant identity, shining a spotlight on the people and services that make our area prosper. We create a space where local enterprises stand out, and customers discover genuine value.


Tailored Growth, Community Roots

As a part of the national franchise, we offer a localised experience that puts you directly in touch with the pulse of Eastbourne's economy. We provide a comprehensive suite of tools and services that surpass the traditional marketing playbook, fostering growth through authentic relationships, innovative strategies, and a profound understanding of Eastbourne's unique character.

Now, let’s explore the essence of what makes thebestof Eastbourne a vital part of the community and your ally in achieving local success.

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Our mission

thebestof Eastbourne is the ultimate local business guide; our mission is to take the stress out of finding great, recommended local businesses – we vet them so that you don't have to! Then we promote them through a variety of marketing streams.

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Our vision

thebestof is a unique gathering point for the community and great local businesses, we are a hub for thebestof everything local where you can find the best businesses as recommended by real local people, get access to the best offers from those businesses, keep up to date with what's happening in the area and have your say on the things that matter.

Our gathering point is intimately local, and with our shared love of the community and the area our passion is to see it grow and prosper for the businesses and people within it, with our endless energy, professional expertise and our best people leading the way, we are thebestof everything local.


thebestof started life in 2005 and over that time has grown into a household name. We have coverage in over 300 areas across the UK, showcasing and supporting over 30,000 Businesses and we are proud to be 'local' as every area is run and owned independently by a local person.

Each local 'franchisee' has been selected to work with the best businesses and support their community in a variety of ways .

We are dedicated to supporting businesses in the UK and helping them to grow, survive and prosper. 

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