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The latest news from Eastbourne Borough Council about renters facing eviction.
If you clicked on a website and were called back right away you would be impressed, wouldn't you? That is what Response iQ allows you to do!
Residents and staff start to receive their Covid-19 vaccinations
When it comes to maintaining a Google My Business page these are some of the common issues that we see time and again both in Eastbourne businesses and across the UK!
Local supporter Marie Taylor took to her sewing machine and has been making beautiful face-masks in return for a donation to the Sussex Cancer Fund.
The Sussex Cancer Fund supports Cancer Patients in many ways, through purchasing specialist equipment, providing additional services and funding cancer research projects but it is often the small things that make the difference.
Do you rely on emails, leaflets and letters to do your job? Remember, it is good to talk as you can change your flow unlike an email that in all truth might just be deleted without ever being read!
The lastest from East Sussex County Council about the new Covid rules coming into force.
Richard Kirk is pleased to announce he has just released his second book!
How do you entice your audience to take a closer look at your business offering? Think about how you can create curiosity about the "why" not the "how" in your business.
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