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Business of the Year Winner 2020
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Choose Your Local Star in the Eastbourne Business of the Year Awards
Choose Your Local Star in the Eastbourne Business of the Year Awards
  • Posted by thebestof Eastbourne | 18th October 2019 | ... Comments
Who will be the 2020 Business of the Year Winner? The local business awards that the winner is chosen by local people! View post
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When it comes down to it what really is the state of the waste industry? in this blog post Haulaway explains some of the factors now and in the future.
An experience never to be forgotten. An insight to Yoga from Vicky Cullum sharing her story from the lessons she learned along the way.
Marketing is learning and implementing... Who is helping your business grow in Eastbourne? I may not be a Dragon but our hive mind of excellence could hold the answers!
Here is the story shared about Eva Kristlova in YOGA Magazine and her journey with Yoga and the Yoga Life Studio in Eastbourne.
Have you heard about reiki healing but not entirely sure what it is all about or how you could benefit from reiki. At the Yoga Life Studio in Eastbourne Claire Nicole a Reiki Master can answer all your questions.
Over the past few months, the team at the Sheldon B&B have worked hard to reduce the use of plastics. All the work has paid off as they are recognised as "plastic-free".
Do you want to be part of a customer-focused dental practice in Hailsham? The Dent Barn is currently looking for a part-time Dental nurse.
If you are looking for a new location for your business then give a second look to Eastbourne. This East Sussex town has much more going for it that you may first think.
During Meads Magic, you can expect something extra special from Mugshots in Meads.
Have you got a couple of hours a week to help the British Red Cross? With lots of opportunities to get involved find out where you can do the most good.
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