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Eastbourne Carnival 2022
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The Search for thebestof Eastbourne Business of the Year 2022 is underway!
The Search for thebestof Eastbourne Business of the Year 2022 is underway!
  • Posted by thebestof Eastbourne | 5th April 2022 | ... Comments
Our Business of the Year award is all about recognising quality and service by our business members year-round! These awards are exclusive to our business members. View post
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Care for the Carers raises £1,365 by running Arlington Bluebell Walk for the first time.
When it comes to growing your business you can't do it all. Just like a football team, you need to play team members to their strengths and you should avoid doing any tasks that you could outsource.
The Royal Hippodrome Theatre welcomes Les Musicals for the first time. Be sure to book your ticket to avoid disappointment.
The Little Mix Show comes to Eastbourne on the 30th of May and can be seen at The Royal Hippodrome Theatre.
When it comes to your marketing starting with the truth is great but don't be boring about it, how can you make the truth more exciting without fibbing?
Eastbourne Guide for Disabled People 2022 The new guide is available in print from Eastbourne Visitor Services Centre, Welcome Building, Compton Street, Eastbourne, BN21 4BP or telephone 01323 415415.
Scarecrow Festival was launched, with the Mayor of Eastbourne
I love the saying "the quality of your questions great affects the value prospects see in you".Don't get me wrong it is not just a clever question it is thoughtfully asking how you solved their problem...
With so much time and effort put into getting leads have you considered the value of revisiting the ones that you have not had contact with? That is when Come Back Cards can come into their own!
The latest news from Eastbourne Borough Council about Plans for the restoration of Motcombe Pool.
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