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Are you aware of the coming changes to the General Data Protection Regulation and how this could affect your business? Book a session with Southern IT Networks to find out how it affects you and your business.
A season of five classic films in Towner's brand new cinema auditorium on Sunday afternoons at 2.30pm starting on 3 September.
How to go about getting your documents securely destroyed as an individual or a business, how to save money and get it done quickly and safely
When it comes to Tea and Coffee we all have a preference but which one is best? Bella's Secret spills the beans on this age old question.
When it comes to things we love they are not always food for us. Here in this article, we aim to share some insights into the good and the bad of drinking coffee.
We love the "go juice" but do you know what you are getting in your coffee? Find out more about your coffee at Bella's Secret.
Are you a first time driver and thinking of buying your first car? Here are 5 reasons why the Ford Fiesta is the perfect first car!
Do you have what it takes to join the Tectonic Digital team? We are looking for an experienced qualified electrician in Eastbourne.
When it comes to DIY we could all learn a thing or two with hindsight. Here are some insights into hiring a skip from Haulaway.
Looking for volunteering opportunities in Eastbourne? The Chasely Trust want to hear from you.
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