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How much can a roof repair cost in Eastbourne? The simple answer is less if you get it looked at quickly. The longer you ignore it the more costly the repair can become.
When it comes to playing the lottery chances are you won't win but worth the risk... however with the Eastbourne lottery at least your money goes into our town!
Great to see the progress being made, here is the latest from Eastbourne Borough Council.
The latest news from Eastbourne Borough Council about Multi-million pound transformation for Hampden Retail Park.
It's official, Tectonic now has the trophies and certificates confirming the win in Business of the Year 2018!
Which business will get recognised for having the best business card in Eastbourne? MAD Group has a reward you won't want to miss out on.
When it comes to plastic, do you know what you can do to help save the environment? Here is some information from Haulaway to help you.
On Star Wars day don't have your electrics turn into a light show, get a check or advice from Tectonic Digital Systems.
Bank Holiday is often a favourite for DIY projects, should you need electrics looking at you should call Tectonic Digital in Eastbourne.
When it comes to bank holidays do we think beyond it being a day off from work?
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