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Update for thebestof Eastbourne Business of the Year Awards 2022
Update for thebestof Eastbourne Business of the Year Awards 2022
  • Posted by David Ruddle | 1st August 2022 | ... Comments
The closing date for votes (reviews) in Business of the Year is the 31st of October and this is where our business members are currently ranking on the leaderboard. View post
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Are you an employer in Eastbourne? You are invited to take part in this tour to find out more about free training opportunities for their employees.
Over the past 11 years, I have seen many businesses say "that won't work" or "I tried that once" Hand on your heart, can you honestly say you made the most of the opportunities available to you?
How is your customer experience when viewing your content from a mobile device? Be sure to check you are displaying your content as best possible!
Having a sibling with cancer is tough, so we have put together some advice on how to cope when things get tough, and to remind our families we are here when they need us...
Chaseley Needs You
Chaseley Needs You
🌱Do you love gardening? 🌱Do you have one or two hours that you can spare each week, or even just once a month? 🌱Do you want to help enrich the lives of our residents?
We are inviting Blood Cancer Patients past and present to an informative afternoon to hear more about research taking place in Sussex.
The Sussex Cancer Fund is excited to be funding a project which aims to gain a more detailed understanding of the gut biome in relation to anal cancer and treatment programmes.
We recently purchased an anatomically precise 3D head model for the Head & Neck Team at Brighton. The model will be used to explain to patients details of their conditions and treatment plans more easily.
We are seeking Volunteers to assist with our Firework Ball on Saturday 5th November 2022.
We do love sharing tools we find helpful and if you are an ummm or errrr business owner then Timebolt could be a saving grace! Your marketing in Eastbourne, only better!
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