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A Miracle on 34th Street Review
A Miracle on 34th Street Review
A story about Kris Kringle, who believes he is Santa Claus and is dragged all the way to court to prove it. A Miracle on 34th Street was brilliant!!
Embrace delighted to hire Steve Day Britains only deaf Comedian for comedy fundraiser, if there are any others he hasn't heard........ Book your tickets here
Fancy an adult night out without the kids listening to some of the funniest comics from within the UK? Hey Folks welcome to our 12 days of laughter DRUM ROLL PLEASE........ Q: What do you call sad coffee?" A: DespressoC TA DAH!!!
The press release from Eastbourne Bonfire Society about the 2014 parade and fireworks.
Have you thought about your Christmas party yet? If not contact the Afton Hotel where they take fun seriously!
The local history of our Cinema's in Eastbourne is rather varied and this is an account by one of the team.
There are many "Business Networks" in Eastbourne of which I have personally met many good business owners in fact a number of member I feature on TheBestOf have resulted in meeting them and being impressed! As part of being part of TheBestOf Eastbourne I see it as part of my role to help my members meet other quality businesses. To either learn new skills from or potential just offer a better local offering. Our ultimate aim is to become a "one stop shop" for any local service in Eastbourne! This means buying local will become "simples"
We recently picked up this news from Eastbourne Bonfire Society. Having been to their event on the 6th of October I could see all their hard work pay off! A great night had by all and I even added some videos to YouTube!
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