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Tour De Ford Cycling Event 15th July 2017 at Birchwood Ford.
With the Eastbourne Half Marathon behind us are you looking for the next race in Sussex?
Strength Training In Eastbourne
Strength Training In Eastbourne
Are you an Eastbourne based Which is why athlete or gym goer that is disappointed with the results of their weight-training efforts? Physical strength can mean different things to different people – and take a number of different forms.
Are you an Eastbourne resident who when It comes to including weights into your workouts you just don't know how or what you should be lifting?
Let me, Jon Morgan, help you combat your weight loss issues through the use of High Intensity Training
If you are an Eastbourne resident and are looking for the best way to lose weight, you won’t find any because there is no specific intervention that can totally eradicate those extra pounds. You need to utilize different methods.
How do I learn to play golf?
How do I learn to play golf?
All the information you need to get into golf and learn the basics of golf. From golf lessons and equipment to prices it is all here for you. Learn to play today!!
Capturing the Eastbourne Half Marathon on video. Will you help make this happen?
A reminder of a great day for all. Come along and learn just what the front line services do for us.
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