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17th July 2018
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The effort involved in getting ready to go on holiday can make staying at home in Brighton and Hove with your feet up and a cup of English tea seem tempting. But each year you remind yourself that making the effort to get away is well worth the effort. Here are some ideas to take some of the stress out of the week or two before your trip.

Pack it up  - travel essentials
It pays to think ahead when packing your toiletries/makeup and sunscreens if you can’t face paying the around £50 surcharge to check your bag in to the hold. 

Avoid expensive mini-shampoos by buying tiny transparent bottles (available in pound shops) and decanting your lotions and potions into the required 100ml or less portions. Then place all of the bottles (plus any make-up and creams) in a clear sandwich bag so you can pull them out (ta-da!) in the dreaded check-in queue.

Setting out
It seems crazy to spend more on getting to the airport than on your flights, but it is easy to do just that. Before booking anything, consider how many are in your party - a lone traveller will most likely find the coach (or train, although these don’t run throughout the night) the cheapest way to get to Gatwick, where a taxi is probably the savviest choice for a family of four.

Check out our blog ‘How much does a taxi cost from Brighton to Gatwick?’ for local firms such as Brighton and Hove Radio Cabs that will get you to your flight fuss-free, even at the craziest of hours.

Or, if you have a load of luggage, a ridiculously early flight, and just can’t get your head round leaving a perfectly good car sitting outside your home while you struggle to the airport, it may be worth looking at driving there.

There are many airport parking companies, such as Purple Parking  to choose from - just Google Airport Parking for alternatives. Again, parking at the airport is probably only worth it if you are in a group, and/or your flight leaves from Heathrow or (God forbid) Stansted or Luton. If you are lucky, and/or can book way in advance, some hotels offer parking for free if you book an overnight stay.

The pets are all right

Getting a neighbour to pop round and feed the cat is all very well if your cat is fit and healthy. If not, you can rest assured that they will be getting the best care and attention, plus a choice of menus, at Coastway Cattery, a vet-run cattery in Kemp Town.

Dogs are a pleasure to have around for most of the year, but in summer can be both a worry and an expense. The Dog's Corner in Hove will take in and care your pet as part of a family through their dog-boarding scheme.

Check out our blog ‘How can I get my pet(s) looked after while I am away?’ for catteries, kennels pet-sitting and dog-walking services in and around Brighton and Hove.  

Or, if you have multiple pets and would rather leave them in the comfort of their/your own home while you are away, house-sitting services put home/pet owners in touch with reliable and responsible animal-lovers who are looking for somewhere short-term to stay. Again, our blog (see above) will get you started. And for all things canine, see ‘Dog-friendly Brighton and Hove’.

Worried about leaving your home empty? Our Guide to Summer Home Security is full of hints and tips to help guard against unwanted guests. 

Hydrate your hydrangeas

Coming home to find that your plant has unexpectedly burst into flower is a lovely surprise, but opening the door on dead and dying specimens is a right downer after a great holiday. BBC Gardener's World offers a string of simple tricks to keep your houseplants ticking over if you don’t have a willing neighbour to water them in your absence.

We hope that this information will help you to get away more easily, safe in the knowledge that you have thought of everything while you are there, and return to a well-organised home, ready to get back into the swing of everyday life.




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